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by Adam Rozynski

My name is Adam Rozynski and I’m iOS, OS X developer and designer from Poland.
Micropixels is my small project where I develop and design the apps for the OS X and iOS in my spare time.
Professionally I’m iOS Developer at Robo3DVision.
This is my blog. It’s empty. But maybe, some day it won’t be :)

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At least 10 million Android users imperiled by popular AirDroid app

But hey, this 5-second video will crash your iPhone.

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Only Apple

John Gruber on Monday, 28 November 2016

Also, this problem is not new at Apple. There are certainly growing pains with regard to Apple’s enormous size today. The iPhone’s extraordinary success creates a sort of gravity that has warped the company. But Apple ran into “can’t walk and chew gum” problems even when they were a much smaller company.

John Gruber on Friday, 13 June 2014:

Tim Cook is improving Apple’s internal operational efficiency. (…)
It has long been axiomatic that Apple is not the sort of company that could walk and chew gum at the same time. (…)
That seems like ancient history, given the magnitude of the updates shown last week in both OS X Yosemite and iOS 8.

Irony. Both OS X Yosemite and iOS 8 are the worst releases of both OS X and iOS.
I’ve bought iPhone 7 for 3499 PLN (in Polish Apple Store), 839$ for a phone and I can’t use Siri in Polish language, Spotlight

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Not surprising, given that their current hardware hasn’t been updated in three years.

Yeah, not surprising. Apple abandons Airports, because they abandoned them. ? Yep, Apple still rocks.

Original article on Bloomberg.

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Harman, Samsung and Gruber

Samsung makes phones because there is money to be made making phones. Apple makes the iPhone because they love making personal computers.

Wow ?.

I love John Gruber but this is the most ridiculous thing he ever wrote.

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Measurably faster.

MacBook features sixth-generation Intel Core m3, m5, and m7 processors with speeds of up to 1.3GHz and up to 25 percent faster graphics. It also comes with faster 1866MHz memory. So your MacBook is quicker and more responsive.

Well, results from Geekbench shows 5845 points, which is more than my 13-inch early 2013 Retina Macbook Pro with 2.6GHz Core i5. Previously, there were comparisons to earlier models and how the test was conducted like on Macbook Pro mini-site.

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NepTunes 1.3 Changelog

NepTunes icon
Next NepTunes is here!

 What’s new?

  • New icon :)
  • Share menu
    • It’s available as a submenu in the menubar and as a new button on cover.
    • You can tweet or share on Facebook track (with #ArtistName and link to Apple Music/iTunes). It uses accounts from OS X.
    • Copy iTunes link/track info
    • Search for lyrics on Google – long history why it isn’t any dedicated service. In short: reliability.
    • I was thinking about adding new pane for Social services where you can choose to automatically post to Facebook or/and Tweet a loved track. Unfortunately due to bug in OS X El Capitan I can’t make it happen (in a easy way) – OS would ask you about permission to give NepTunes access to your Twitter account (to tweet automatically) but nothing will happen, because no matter what you choose OS will not give this access. Also, Facebook policy doesn’t allow any app to automatically post on Facebook (I know, a

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NepTunes 1.2 Changelog (Full version)

What’s NepTunes?

Simple to use, yet powerful iTunes controller for Mac with Last.fm scrobbler that is light, super reliable and fully works with Apple Music streaming and radio and can help you with discovering new music. Only $3.99.
You can buy it here.

The changelog on the App Store is short, because I don’t want to bore readers.
But… you’re here to read what’s new, doesn’t you?

 So, what’s new?



This is the main feature of 1.2.

NepTunes displays album cover on the desktop, which is also iTunes controller. It’s (by default) sticked to it, behind all windows and it’s ignoring Mission Control. Hover it with mouse cursor to see controls. You can love track on Last.fm, change iTunes volume and, using standard controls for any music player, control music.

It is highly customizable. For example, you can turn it off. ?
If you don’t like its default behavior, you can make it to

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Animate OS X status bar icon (NSStatusItem)


With OS X 10.10 (aka Yosemite) Apple decided to remove animations from menu bar extras icons. Maybe not entirely (e.g. Wi-Fi icon is still animating when connecting to network, on the other hand with all these issues with Wi-Fi on Yosemite… never mind), but my favorite Time Machine animation is gone. Yet, in some cases it’s useful to have short animation to indicate something to user. My app, NepTunes is scrobbling tracks and would be nice, to inform user that everything is fine in unobtrusive way.


This tutorial is for all folks, who want to support OS X Mavericks. For OS X Yosemite and newer, NSStatusItem has a button property, which we can use with Core Animation.
For NepTunes I wanted animation with series of images using NSStatusItem’s image property.

But unfortunately, NSImage isn’t as powerful as iOS UIImage.

Here we go!

static NSUInteger const kFPS = 30;

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NepTunes 1.1 Changelog

 1.1 Changelog

  • [NEW] Last.fm cover (if it’s available) in notification
  • [NEW] Apple Music and iTunes integration! You can check option to integrate Last.fm results with Apple Music
    • Love track on both Apple Music (when track is in library or from radio) and Last.fm
    • Similar artists are opened with Apple Music page on iTunes (when you choose that option, “Show similar artist” will be both menu and button, which means that you can still click on it, to open Last.fm webpage or just hover to see list of similar artists from Last.fm where you can choose them and open Apple Music page. If NepTunes can’t find an artist on Apple Music, it disable this position in menu).
    • Recent tracks are opened on Apple Music (if NepTunes can find it)
    • All results are cached, which means that NepTunes sends data only when it needed
  • [NEW] Ability to change scrobble time (percentage of, choose between 50 and

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Be prepared for Safari 9 with pinned tab icon

One of the new features of upcoming Safari 9 on OS X El Capitan is option to pin tab to the left side of tab bar.

What’s the deal?

Unlike normal tabs, they take less place and they reload almost immediately. And if you click any link on pinned webpage it will open this link on a a new tab.

So how you differentiate pinned tabs?
Safari will automatically setup nice icon for you with first letter of your website.

 What if you want your own icon?

Create svg with transparent background and black vectors. Then add this one line to head:

<link rel="mask-icon" href="img/mask-icon.svg" color="#2c3e50">

The color=""thing is the color for highlighting your icon.

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