Measurably faster.

MacBook features sixth-generation Intel Core m3, m5, and m7 processors with speeds of up to 1.3GHz and up to 25 percent faster graphics. It also comes with faster 1866MHz memory. So your MacBook is quicker and more responsive.

Well, results from Geekbench shows 5845 points, which is more than my 13-inch early 2013 Retina Macbook Pro with 2.6GHz Core i5. Previously, there were comparisons to earlier models and how the test was conducted like on Macbook Pro mini-site.


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Be prepared for Safari 9 with pinned tab icon

One of the new features of upcoming Safari 9 on OS X El Capitan is option to pin tab to the left side of tab bar. What’s the deal? Unlike normal tabs, they take less place and they reload almost immediately. And if you click any link on... Continue →

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