NepTunes 1.2 Changelog (Full version)

What’s NepTunes?

Simple to use, yet powerful iTunes controller for Mac with scrobbler that is light, super reliable and fully works with Apple Music streaming and radio and can help you with discovering new music. Only $3.99.
You can buy it here.

The changelog on the App Store is short, because I don’t want to bore readers.
But… you’re here to read what’s new, doesn’t you?

 So, what’s new?



This is the main feature of 1.2.

NepTunes displays album cover on the desktop, which is also iTunes controller. It’s (by default) sticked to it, behind all windows and it’s ignoring Mission Control. Hover it with mouse cursor to see controls. You can love track on, change iTunes volume and, using standard controls for any music player, control music.

It is highly customizable. For example, you can turn it off. ?
If you don’t like its default behavior, you can make it to appear above all windows or to behave like any normal window – click to bring it to front, click any another window behind to cover it etc.

You can open contextual menu by clicking anywhere on cover using secondary button – it has the same elements and functionality that the main menu has.

If you turn on Integration with iTunes in Preferences, pressing ♥ will love track on both and iTunes (if it’s possible, due to technical limitations of iTunes, NepTunes can “love” tracks only from your Library or from Apple Music Radio).

I’ve considered possibility of resizable cover by the user, but due to limited resolution of images downloaded from the iTunes Search and, I’ve decided, that 160x160 points is an optimal size.

There is also one small bonus – you can change iTunes volume just by scrolling when mouse cursor is hovering the cover.

I’m really, really proud of design of the cover. Its simplicity, animations. Especially in Preferences where it is on blurred background made from the album cover itself.

Cover Preferences


Previous versions were scrobbling “everything”, so…

Now it scrobbles only music (by default).
If you want to scrobble Podcasts or iTunes U check option in pane.

Screen Shot 2016-03-02 at 19.02.53.png

 A lot (I mean, a lot) of small changes, refinements

 What’s next?


I hope, your experience with NepTunes was/is/will be flawless. If that’s true please, leave a 5-star review in the App Store. If you have any issues or ideas how to make app better, go here (or click About in main menu of the app) and then leave a 5-star review in the App Store ?.


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